Studio Richmond


Getting started on artwork from my new studio in Richmond.

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Swatchroom Salon

Excited to exhibit for the SwatchRoom Salon. Proceeds benefit PROJECT SOAR!



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Tape Lines

Recently, I completed two different projects with floor stripes for O’Neill Studios. That’s a lot of tape and perfect tape lines. Check this out! Navy (love it), over a natural cedar wood and a neutral over a dry pickled wood (anthropologie, yes please). Note the sense of accomplishment as displayed by the pictures of us jumping with joy.

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I’m a fan of chevron. It’s energizing! Check out these progression pictures of project I just completed with O’Neill Studios.

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I am thrilled to be involved with this program. I’m collaborating with an amazing team to design curriculum. I’m also the visual art and puppetry teacher. Here’s a flyer in case you know of any teens that want to be part of this experience.¬† You can download your own copy by clicking on this link ArtAbility Flyer 4.4


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Experimenting with trees and conte crayon!

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Airplane Silhouette Toy Box

A dear friend recently made a toy box for my son Dean. I added some hand painted¬† vintage airplane silhouettes and a faux wood grain to match his new “big boy” bed frame.

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Restoration in the Nation’s Capitol

Restore a decorative finish from 1908 on stone building front? Sure!

When I was in school for art I remember one project in which the entire class drew their own life size human skeleton using the same model. On critique day, we lined them all up and we were able to easily guess which artist belonged to which skeleton. The artist’s hand was apparent, but the actual image seemed to reflect the appearance of the artist as well.

The “faux” granite in both pictures on the right was done in 1908. It was amazing to exam it and in doing so, discover the technique and “hand” used by the original artist.






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Fall Landscape

I flew into DC the Sunday before Hurricane Sandy. The horizon line as we landed was mixed with fall and winter colors. I was relieved to return home and it inspired me to paint this. I hope it communicates a glimpse of hope for those that lost during the storm.

Here’s a link to donate directly to the Red Cross, or if you are interested in purchasing this painting I am very interested in donating 100% of proceeds.




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Fireplaces for Intimate Spaces

I love finishing and restoring fireplaces. They are small and therefore not overly time consuming, but always make a big impact. I especially like natural stone finishes. Here’s one of my latest!


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